4 worst Hall of Fame snubs in LA Angels history

Bobby Grich, LA Angels
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Chuck Finley, LA Angels
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The LA Angels aren't as represented in the Baseball Hall of Fame as they should be.

There are 14 Hall of Famers who are former Angels, and just two who went in AS Angels. That's ridiculous, as there have been far more than that who are both Hall of Fame players AND have been eligible.

There are four who come to mind in particular. Unfortunately, they aren't eligible for the writers to vote them in anymore, and it should have never got to that point. These four are some of the best of the best players to have ever played the game.

No. 4 worst Hall of Fame snub in LA Angels history: Chuck Finley

Chuck Finley has a higher career WAR than all-time great Hall of Famers Whitey Ford, Bob Lemon, and Sandy Koufax, yet the all-time great LA Angel is not in the Hall of Fame. The five-time All-Star was lights out for the Angels; the team he played for his whole career.

This is the same guy who had 13 complete games in one season in 1993. His career 3.85 ERA was solid, and he was always consistent, never having an ERA above 4.43 in his 15 years as a starting pitcher except for his second-to-last season in the league when he wasn't even healthy.

He posted a 140+ ERA+ four times in his career, making it to 158 one season. Posting a losing record just three times in those 15 years as a starter, he made his teams better.