4 worst Hall of Fame snubs in LA Angels history

Bobby Grich, LA Angels
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Tommy John
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No. 3 worst Hall of Fame snub in LA Angels history: Tommy John

Unlike Finley, Tommy John would not have gone to the Hall of Fame as an LA Angel. He played two full seasons and parts of two others with the Halos in his 26-year career. I'll still always make a case for him to be in Cooperstown.

Playing 26 years shows the longevity of John's career and the iron man that he was. He also looked great on the mound while doing it. Winning 288 games, John recorded a 3.34 ERA.

That's Hall of Fame worthy, right? Especially when he had a 3.38 FIP and only allowed 0.6 homers per nine innings, right? Apparently not.

I don't know why, but at the same time, I do. He faces the issue that many players face in that they never had a season where they were considered THE best pitcher in baseball. Not having any Cy Youngs hurts his case.

There weren't any seasons where people pointed to John as THE No. 1 guy in the game. Should that disqualify him from the Hall? Absolutely not.

It's clearly what's keeping him out, however, as his numbers are certainly good enough. The numbers are good enough, but the accolades aren't there.