5 Angels players who could get DFA'd before the end of the season

These players could all be in another uniform when the season is over
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3) LA Angels infielder Eduardo Escobar could be DFA'd before the end of the season

Eduardo Escobar is the victim of rough circumstances. The Angels acquired him to be much-needed depth, but with the infield semi-healthy, he's barely seen the field.

The infielder has a total of 19 at-bats in the month of August while the Angels have played 15 games in totality. He's started just five games, and has only played three of those starts out from start to finish.

Part of the reason he hasn't played is because of the depth the Angels already have in the infield. C.J. Cron, Brandon Drury, Luis Rengifo, and Mike Moustakas are the infielders most of the time. Escobar has played sparingly and can play three of the four infield positions, but there just isn't a need. With Cron day-to-day more at-bats are available, but that shouldn't be an issue when the Angels return home.

Not only is Escobar the odd-man out in the infield as currently constructed, he'll be buried even more when Zach Neto and Anthony Rendon do return. There's no timetable on either player currently, but both are expected back before the season ends as of now. Those players will surely slot ahead of Escobar in the depth chart, which could eventually lead to Escobar's departure.

It's not like Escobar has done much to warrant at-bats considering the fact that he has a .616 OPS in 99 at-bats with the Angels, but it does appear Escobar is at risk of losing his spot on the Angels roster if and when it becomes whole.