5 Angels players who could get DFA'd before the end of the season

These players could all be in another uniform when the season is over
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5) LA Angels pitcher Gerardo Reyes could be DFA'd before the end of the season

Gerardo Reyes is the classic example of life of a borderline MLB-ready reliever with options being taken advantage of. He's been up and down between the Angels and AAA Salt Lake multiple times this season, and that's really just because they can do this without losing him.

In the time he's been up with the Angels, his body of work is unimpressive. Reyes has allowed six runs (five earned) in 6.2 innings pitched across five outings. He's allowed runs in all five appearances, albeit one of them was unearned.

His numbers in Salt Lake don't blow anyone away either as he's posted a 4.65 ERA in 28 appearances, although considering how brutal the PCL is for pitchers, he's been relatively solid. Reyes is a fine depth arm but is 30 years old with no MLB success and without much of a future with the Halos.

If the Angels were to promote someone who is not currently on the 40-man roster, removing Reyes by DFA'ing him makes a lot of sense. It's very possible he'd go unclaimed, and the other pitchers who are on the 40-man have more value to me whether it's because of their youth or because of their success in the majors.