5 Angels players who took an unfortunate step back in 2023

We expected more from these players and this team.
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2) LA Angels pitcher Jaime Barria took an unfortunate step back in 2023

This is something a lot of fans saw coming. Jaime Barria was excellent in 2022 as he posted a 2.61 ERA in 35 appearances, but a lot of that success he had appeared to be due to luck. The ERA was sparkling but he had a 4.39 FIP and a 4.11 xERA. He was more average at best than an elite long man.

This season, Barria was pitching extremely well once again in his long relief role. So well, in fact, that the Angels pushed him into the starting rotation when Jose Suarez went down with injury. Barria pitched decently well as a starter, but not well enough to remain a fixture in the rotation. Especially not after the Angels acquired Lucas Giolito.

Since re-transitioning back to a full-time reliever, Barria has had a nightmarish second half. He has a 10.29 in 16 appearances and 28 innings pitched. He blew the Sunday night ESPN game against the Astros in the Angels' first series after the break, and has seen his ERA balloon from 3.31 in the first half to 5.68 as we enter the final weekend of the season.

Barria has that ugly 5.68 ERA and that's with an even uglier 6.07 FIP. He's not getting lucky anymore, and has been lit up the entire second half. I'd be fairly shocked if the Angels chose to tender him a contract for the 2024 season.