5 best Angels options in right field for next season ranked

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The Los Angeles Angels began the 2023 season thinking they had one of, if not the best outfields in all of baseball. Taylor Ward was coming off a resurgent season and seemed prime to be in all-star consideration, and the team also added Hunter Renfroe, a consistent bopper, to the fold via trade. Those two outfielders played alongside arguably the best outfielder in the game at the time, Mike Trout.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned for the 2023 Angels or that outfield. Both Ward and Trout had underwhelming years and missed significant time due to injuries. Renfroe was the healthiest but also the worst of the trio before he was eventually placed on waivers.

Heading into this season, the Angels have an outfield that appears ready to go, but there are always ways to improve. Right field appears set, but the Angels could look into getting creative with their roster construction. The dream scenario would be adding Juan Soto in a trade, but the Angels don't have the assets for that. They could, however, make a more under-the-radar deal to shake up the roster.

5) Jo Adell

The Angels have a decision to make regarding Jo Adell and his future with the team. The young outfielder still has enormous potential, but is obviously still quite raw. He has yet to put it together at the big league level, and the clock is ticking.

As long as Adell is here, he's going to be on the Opening Day roster. The reason for that is because he's out of options and cannot be sent down without clearing waivers. The chances of the Angels risking this are minimal, because they can at the very least get something for him in a trade.

The Angels essentially have to decide if they're ready to give up on Adell or not. If they are, trading him or making him the team's fourth outfielder would make sense. If they're not, starting him is the only way to truly see what you have.

If the Angels are going to sell their fanbase on winning, starting Adell won't accomplish that. He's not even one of the three best outfielders on the active roster right now. However, if they look to trade a guy like Ward for a starting pitcher, suddenly a spot opens for Adell to fill in. Adell starting is not what I would do, but it's certainly an option.