5 best Angels options in right field for next season ranked

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4) Teoscar Hernandez

Teoscar Hernandez is far from perfect as a player. There are areas he excels at, and others that make you scratch your head.

Hernandez has power. Tons of it. He's hit at least 26 home runs in each of the last four full seasons (excluding 2020) and has a 120 OPS+ since 2019. When right, his bat matches up with the best of them. He's coming off a down year for Seattle, but still managed to hit 26 home runs and put up awesome numbers on the road. Hernandez had an .830 OPS on the road, nearly 200 points higher than his mark at pitcher-friendly T-Mobile Park.

Adding a bat like Hernandez would certainly help this Angels lineup that could be losing a ton of power if Shohei Ohtani leaves in free agency. Another factor that makes this outfielder enticing is he does not have the qualifying offer attached, meaning the Angels would not have to forfeit a draft pick if they were to sign him.

The downsides to Hernandez are also quite clear, and why he isn't ranked higher on this list. First, the strikeouts are way too high. Hernandez fanned 211 times this past season, third most in all of baseball. Second, his defense leaves a lot to be desired. Teoscar would fit in better as a primary DH than as the regular right fielder. Third, due to a weak class, the contract he's going to get will not be cheap.

There are pros and cons to making a deal happen with Hernandez. It'd make the Angels better, but it's fair to question just how much better.