5 bold predictions for the Angels 2024 season

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels
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5) Zach Neto is a Gold Glove finalist

Zach Neto won the hearts of Angels fans everywhere almost instantly. He was promoted to the majors despite little minor league experience and was thrust into an everyday role on a team trying to compete. All this young shortstop did was make the team better, and he impressed on both sides of the ball.

Neto's stats don't jump off the page, but he went a 51-game span after his brief four-game slump to begin his career slashing .279/.359/.468 with six home runs and 22 RBI. He hit three home runs in his last four games before landing on the IL in June. While his bat impressed, he was always seen as a player with a great bat. There weren't as many glowing reviews about his glove, which was arguably more impressive than his bat.

Neto ranked in the 73rd percentile in outs above average according to Baseball Savant and had 3 DRS. He made several plays with a high degree of difficulty look easy, and made several heads-up plays that you only really see out of veterans.

The 22-year-old should only improve defensively under new manager Ron Washington, and Angels fans should really get excited about that. The sky is the limit, and this upcoming season Neto will force his way into the Gold Glove conversation.