5 free agent starting pitchers the Angels should stay far away from this offseason

There are better options for the Angels to look at in free agency
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The LA Angels should stay far away from Lucas Giolito this offseason

This one might be obvious, but still has to be said. Lucas Giolito is one of the better free agent starting pitchers available and even with his struggles this season, will get a lucrative deal from some team out there. That team should not be the Angels.

Giolito's struggles with the Angels are obviously the main reason why the team should not pursue him. In six starts with the team, the right-hander had a 6.89 ERA in 32.2 innings pitched. He allowed a whopping ten home runs and never looked very comfortable in an Angels uniform. He was only truly awful in that one Atlanta start, but still wasn't anything special in his others.

The Angels stint was bad, but there were red flags when the team acquired him. The main one was, despite his 3.79 ERA, Giolito had a 4.43 FIP with Chicago. He was getting solid results, but the peripherals gave the impression that he was getting lucky. He imploded with the Angels and his first start with Cleveland.

Can Giolito get back to the Cy Young caliber pitcher he once was? Maybe. Would he do it with the Angels? I can almost guarantee the answer to that question is no, especially if Matt Wise remains with the club.