5 Giants players the Angels should demand in a Shohei Ohtani trade

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2) Giants AAA infielder Marco Luciano

Marco Luciano is another player the Angels should do whatever in their power to acquire. The 21-year-old is a shortstop which is a spot the Angels are set at, but scouts believe Luciano will be moving off of the position anyway as his range is more suited for third base. Thanks to Anthony Rendon's lack of availability, that spot is certainly open.

Luciano is the Giants number two prospect and is ranked 15th overall on the top 100 list, just four spots below Harrison. He was just recently moved from AA to AAA after posting a .789 OPS in 56 games for AA Richmond this season.

Luciano doesn't have the best hit tool in the world but he has terrific power and would make for quite the duo on the left side of the infield with Neto. He's a top-15 prospect for a reason.

Is it likely the Giants include two top-15 prospects for a rental? Maybe not, but they're 54-43 on the season and an Ohtani addition could not only win them the NL West, but potentially give them a deep playoff run. Acquiring Ohtani early could also give them an edge when it comes to retaining him. It might be unlikely, but after missing out on both Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa this past offseason, it's certainly possible this team is desperate enough to do whatever it takes.