5 important Angels roster questions that need to be answered after disappointing season

Hopefully Perry Minasian has the right answers to these questions
Los Angeles Angels v New York Mets
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The Los Angeles Angels just wrapped up another disappointing season, going 73-89 for a second consecutive year. The winless season drought and postseason drought continued, and there really is no clear end in sight.

As the Angels head into this offseason, a ton of questions need to be answered. What's happening in the front office? Who will the new manager be? What will the roster look like?

The roster has some certainties. Zach Neto will be the team's shortstop. Nolan Schanuel slots in at first. Logan O'Hoppe behind the plate. While some things are solidifed, other parts of the roster have questions that Perry Minasian must answer this offseason.

1) What's the plan if Shohei Ohtani stays or goes?

This is the most obvious roster question of all. What happens if Shohei Ohtani either decides to re-sign or depart? Hopefully the Angels are coming up with plans for both scenarios.

If Ohtani stays, it won't be to rebuild. The Angels will once again try to win now. Does that mean they're going to go all in on free agency and add another monstrous deal alongside Ohtani? Does it mean more top prospects are on the trade block as the Angels attempt to win in 2024? How exactly do the Angels plan on building a roster Ohtani can get behind and believe is capable of winning now and in the future?

If Ohtani leaves, what's the plan then? The Angels have won 73 games in each of the last two seasons despite historic outputs from Shohei. They haven't finished with a winning record once with Ohtani in the fold. Does this mean the Angels will actually rebuild? Or will they try and offset the loss by trying to sign other star free agents with the money they were going to use for Shohei.

Whether Ohtani stays or goes is completely out of their control. They can be as confident as they want that he'll stay, but they need plans for both scenarios.