5 important Angels roster questions that need to be answered after disappointing season

Hopefully Perry Minasian has the right answers to these questions
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2) Where does Jo Adell fit on this roster?

Jo Adell was once a blue chip prospect selected in the first round and deemed as one of the future outfielders they were going to put alongside Mike Trout. Obviously, Adell has come nowhere close to living up to the hype.

Despite playing in only 178 MLB games, Adell is already out of options. This means he cannot be sent down to the minors without clearing waivers. In other words, if Adell is not traded, he's going to be on the Angels roster.

With that being said, where exactly does Adell fit? As long as these three outfielders stay with the club, Taylor Ward, Mike Trout, and Mickey Moniak are the three starting outfielders. Ward and Trout both have injury concerns and Moniak has horrific numbers against lefties, but when healthy and against right-handed pitching, that's the trio the Angels will run out there most often. With that being said, where does Adell fit?

An easy spot for Adell to play would be as Moniak's platoon partner and the team's fourth outfielder, but that still only puts Adell in the lineup a couple times a week. The last thing the 24-year-old needs is inconsistent playing time. Surely there will be an injury in the outfield that opens up some regular time for Adell, but that can't be promised.

Trading Adell for some pitching help has been something the Angels have had the chance to do for years, but they have yet to pull the trigger. At this point, it's on them to find a meaningful role for the young outfielder to give him one final chance to prove he belongs.