5 important Angels roster questions that need to be answered after disappointing season

Hopefully Perry Minasian has the right answers to these questions
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5) Who's the fifth starter?

Even if Shohei Ohtani returns to the Angels this offseason, he will not be pitching in the 2024 season after undergoing surgery. This means the Angels in all likelihood will return to a five-man rotation for the 2024 season, which should be awesome to see. Instead of finding six quality starters, they only need five. The question here is who will the five be?

Assuming no trades are made, we know that Patrick Sandoval, Reid Detmers, and Griffin Canning will take up three of the five spots. Even if he doesn't deserve it, it's very likely that Tyler Anderson will also have a rotation spot. The Angels signed him to the contract they did for a reason and it's hard to see them giving up on him being a starter after just one year (even if they should). What about that fifth spot?

The Angels have a plethora of options for the fifth starter spot. Chase Silseth makes the most sense based on how he performed in the second half, but he doesn't have much MLB experience. Jose Suarez has the most experience but he was horrific when last seen as a starter. Kenny Rosenberg finished strong but has even less experience than Silseth. Davis Daniel is another pitcher that could be promising but is more raw than anyone on this list.

Of course, there's the option of signing a starter, and that's what I believe the Angels should be doing. This rotation was subpar even with Shohei and will be even worse (unless they make a move) with him not pitching.