5 items Angels fans should have on their Christmas wish list

Angels fans hope at least some of their wishes come true this Christmas.
Minnesota Twins v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Minnesota Twins v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim / Matt Brown/GettyImages
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1) Angels see improvements with their young players

Expectations will be different in 2024. Nobody is going to be praying hard for an outside chance at a postseason berth because it'll be so unlikely. The Angels had chances to make it with Ohtani, but with him gone and the team doing virtually nothing since, it's hard to have real expectations with this team.

While fans might not be paying as much attention to the win-loss record, they'll certainly be watching the young core this team has and hoping they'll show some improvements.

Ben Joyce, Chase Silseth, Sam Bachman, Reid Detmers, Jose Soriano, Logan O'Hoppe, Nolan Schanuel, Zach Neto, Kyren Paris, Jo Adell, and Mickey Moniak are notables on their 40-man roster who are all 25 years old or younger. They all figure to play major roles in the majors sometime this season (perhaps with the exception of Paris) and Angels fans hope they continue to trend in the positive direction.

While it looks like a long time before the Angels might be true contenders again, the timeline changes if their young talent takes steps forward. Stars and future building blocks can be formed. It's unreasonable to expect everyone to improve, but seeing a good amount of these 25 or younger players looking better would be a great Christmas wish come true.