5 potential Angels manager candidates coaching in this year's MLB playoffs

Hiring a new manager who currently has a role in the playoffs is something the Angels could consider doing.
Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers
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The MLB postseason is about to get underway and will do so without the Los Angeles Angels participating for the ninth straight season. The Angels looked like they might've had a chance to make a legitimate run for October but collapsed down the stretch and could lose Shohei Ohtani because of it.

While the Angels might not be playing, Angels personnel will certainly be watching as they conduct another managerial search. The team opted to let go of Phil Nevin and will hire their fourth manager since 2019.

That manager might come from this year's playoffs as there are many intriguing candidates the Angels could consider who are currently working in the postseason.

1) LA Angels manager candidate in the playoffs: Ron Washington

Ron Washington is the most recognizable name on this list by far. He's remembered most for his role in the movie Moneyball but was at one point in time a very successful manager for the Texas Rangers. He made the playoffs three times in eight seasons with the Rangers including winning back-to-back pennants. The Rangers were one strike away from winning the World Series in 2011 before David Freese struck.

Washington went 664-611 with the Rangers and was considered one of the best managers in the American League for a while. Washington hasn't gotten another managerial job since, but he's been coaching third base for the Braves since the 2016 season and has done a tremendous job in that role.

The question of whether Washington would even want this job is a very real one. First of all, he's 71 years old. Retirement could be on his mind. Second, this Angels team isn't exactly one set up for success right now, especially if Shohei Ohtani leaves. Third, there's a good chance he'd be micromanaged by Perry Minasian and the Angels front office, limiting what he can actually do as manager.

Washington has the winning background from his Texas days and has played a role in Atlanta's recent dominance. He'd be a very intriguing hire.