5 promising LA Angels Pitchers who won't make the opening day roster

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers; Janson Junk
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Andrew Wantz
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#3 LA Angels pitcher who will contribute in 2022: Andrew Wantz

The first true reliever on this list, Andrew Wantz had an uneven start to his LA Angels career last year.

Owning a 4.94 ERA in 21 relief appearances, he looked completely unmatched in several of his outings, most notably a four-run blowup against the Astros on September 20. On the other hand, there were times when he looked like one of the best relievers in LA's bullpen, like two days later when he blanked the Astros over two no-hit innings.

That was pretty much how the whole season went for Wantz as he frequently alternated between utter dominance and complete disaster. That said, he was still just a rookie after all, and there's no denying that when he got into a groove he looked great.

Were it not for a trio of late-season stinkers at the hands of the playoff-bound Astros and White Sox, Wantz would probably be in position to seriously compete for a spot on the opening day roster. Remember, as late as September 1, following back-to-back flawless outings against the Yankees, his ERA was an impressive 3.29.

With more refinement of three already above average pitches in his changeup (31 inches of vertical drop), slider (41.5 inches) and four seamer (14.6 inches), Wantz will look to build upon his excellent swing and miss numbers from last year (28-30% whiff rate on all pitch types, 12.5 K/9) and should eventually be an important member of the bullpen.