6 LA Angels moves that did not work out as planned

J.T. Snow, Angels
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Mo Vaughn, Angels
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No. 5 LA Angels move that did not work out as planned: The Mo Vaughn signing (1999)

The LA Angels thought they were getting an All-Star in Mo Vaugh when they signed him. And it made sense as to why they thought that was what they were getting, as he was an All-Star the season before for the Red Sox. Heck, he had even been an AL MVP with Boston.

Unfortunately, however, he regressed immediately with the Angels. In his two years with the Angels, he hit .276/.362/.503 (.865 OPS). In his ten with Boston, he hit .304/.394/.542 (.936 OPS).

He went from hitting 40 home runs and scoring 107 runs to averaging 34.5 home runs with the Halos and 78 runs with the club. And yes, despite being signed to a SIX-year/$80 million contract with the Angels, he lasted just two seasons with us.

He battled health and weight issues in his third year, forcing him to sit out. He was no longer an Angel after that. Similarly to many Angel free agent signings that start out with a lot of hype, Vaughn's Angels career ended up being ALL and only hype.

Hopefully Perry Minasian won't make any mistakes like this. (No pressure, Perry!)