6 LA Angels moves that did not work out as planned

J.T. Snow, Angels
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Dante Bichette, Angels
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No. 2 LA Angels move that did not work out as planned: The Dante Bichette trade (1991)

The Dante Bichette trade still stings for the LA Angels today. Bichette was traded to the Brewers for Dave Parker. Parker was only with the team for 119 games before we traded him to the Blue Jays.

He also played terribly while he was here. He hit .232/.279/.358 (.638 OPS) before he was off to Toronto. He hit just 11 home runs and scored just 45 of them.

Bichette, on the other hand, turned into a star. Bichette became a four-time All-Star, and hit .304/.342/.508 (.850 OPS) in the remaining 11 years of his career. He averaged 23 home runs and 97 RBIs after he left California.

He also won a Silver Slugger.

It's tough to think about how amazing of a career that the former MVP Parker had, and then to think about his shortcomings with the Angels. I mean, Parker did great things in this league. He was a seven-time All-Star.

Unfortunately, however, the Angels have a habit of acquiring great players who prove to be past their primes when they head to Anaheim. Hopefully we won't be able to say the same about Anthony Rendon when that contract is done with.