All-time Angels starting lineup based on WAR

Oakland Athletics vs. Anaheim Angels - September 25, 2004
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6. All-time LA Angels starting lineup: Troy Glaus, 3B, 22.6 bWAR

Troy Glaus is yet another example in this lineup of an Angels farmhand who came up and made an immediate impact. In his first full season with the Halos he hit 29 home runs and drove in 79 runs. His next season saw him lead the league with 47 longballs. He was an all-star, took home a Silver Slugger award, and had already established himself as one of the best third basemen in the game.

Glaus often found himself hitting behind the likes of Salmon and Anderson, and was a run-producing machine. He was a guy the Angels could rely on to hit 30+ home runs with 100+ RBI. He did that each season from 2000-2002.

He was a three-time all-star in his seven years as an Angel with two Silver Slugger Award wins. He doesn't rank so highly on Angels all-time counting stats because he was only with the team for seven years, but he is sixth in home runs and is one of the premier power hitters this franchise has had.

He ranks 11th in bWAR among position players. He's in this lineup because of the fact that he's the highest ranked third baseman on the list. No, Erick Aybar was not a third baseman. The Angels needed someone to play third, and the 2002 World Series MVP fits the role perfectly.