All-time Angels starting lineup based on WAR

Oakland Athletics vs. Anaheim Angels - September 25, 2004
Oakland Athletics vs. Anaheim Angels - September 25, 2004 / Kirby Lee/GettyImages
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8. All-time LA Angels starting lineup: Jim Fregosi, SS, 45.9 bWAR

Jim Fregosi was a player who could do pretty much anything on the diamond. He had some power, shown with his 22 home run season in 1970. He had some speed, represented with his 17 stolen bases in 1966. He even led the league with 13 triples in 1968. He was always a pretty solid average hitter who didn't strike out too much. He was just a pros pro.

Fregosi was a six-time all-star as an Angel including appearances in each season from 1966-1970. He received MVP consideration eight times as an Angel, finishing as high as seventh in 1967. He took home a Gold Glove award that season as well.

Fregosi didn't have the gaudy offensive numbers that others in this lineup had, but he was a guy the Angels could rely on to get the big hit and put up a quality at-bat. He's second in franchise history in bWAR with his glove in mind, but his bat was awfully solid too. Plus, who can forget the trade that sent him to New York for Nolan Ryan?