Angel Stadium Weather for the Chicago White Sox Series (April 29th to May 2nd)

Mike Trout, LA Angels
Mike Trout, LA Angels / Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Angels have so far been exactly what everyone expected the Chicago White Sox to be this season, and the Chicago White Sox have been exactly what Angels critics expected the Halos to be. The first-place Angels look to continue their hot start to the season by playing well in Chicago in this upcoming four-game series. The weather, however, could cause for a much different environment in the series than hoped for.

Chicago Forecast for April 29th

Per The Weather Channel, the LA Angels will be playing through "showers" on Friday. The low will be at about 50 degrees. It appears that the weather is about as bad as possible for a baseball game on Friday.

Chicago Forecast for April 30th

Well, actually, the weather on Saturday might even be worse for the LA Angels game. There's "potential for severe thunderstorms," and a 98% chance of rain compared to Friday's 40%. The low in temperature will be a bit higher at 52, but the high will only be at 62.

Chicago Forecast for May 1st

On Sunday, things will almost certainly be much better for both the Sox and the LA Angels. There's just a 9% chance of rain. It'll be a little cooler, as the low will be 47 and the high will be 57, but anything without rain will be a warm sight after what will probably be taking place in the previous two days before Sunday.

Chicago Forecast for May 2nd

Things could look even better for the LA Angels on Monday, as the chance of precipitation drops to 6% and the low is raised to 50 degrees. The high will be at just 55, but it should be a little warmer than Sunday.

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The Angels enter this series 13-7, and a game and a half ahead of the Mariners for first place. The ChiSox are in third place at 7-11. Sitting three and a half games out of first as April is about to be over, they are going to come out amped up for this series that could get them back on track for the season.