Angels caught in yet another lawsuit as family of boy hit by errant throw sues team

LA Angels
LA Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

In 2019, a six-year-old boy was hit by an errant throw from the arm of LA Angels' pitcher (at the time) Keynan Middleton. According to the lawsuit, this happened before the game at Angel Stadium when the boy, Bryson Galaz, was walking towards the dugout in the first row to where players were meeting fans and signing autographs.

The lawsuit also says that this was over an hour and a half before the contest. The ball hit Galaz in the side of the head. Galaz's mother, Beatrice, is saying that there should be more netting around the side of the field.

She is also saying that players shouldn't be throwing to where an errant throw can hit a fan, especially if the team is inviting fans to head to the park early to meet the players. This happened on September 15th, 2019, and Galaz was sent to the emergency room quickly in critical condition, according to the lawyer of this family.

The lawyer's name is Kyle Scott, and he said that Galaz was taken to a children's hospital for two and a half days. Scott said that while Galaz has done well as far as academics go, he has a tough time interacting socially and has a hard time paying attention.

The LA Angels have had a lawsuit-filled offseason.

From lawsuits regarding Angel Stadium to the Tyler Skaggs-Eric Kay situation, the LA Angels have had their share of bad looks this offseason. This is another stain surrounding the club. Scott says that medical exams have shown abnormal brain activity from Galaz. The team is not commenting on this yet.

“No parties have reached out to us regarding this lawsuit,” said Marie Garvey, an Angels spokesperson. “We have only been made aware of this by the media, so we are unable to comment at this time.”

This lawsuit was filed on April 1st. Scott says that the Halos have extended some netting down another section past where they originally had it after Galaz's injury. He added, however, that this still would not have prevented the injury that Galaz suffered. The lawsuit demands that more is done to prevent these issues from arising.

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The lawsuit says that this injury caused a skull fracture and brain damage. Scott says that while an Angels official checked up on Galaz with an email, no replies were given when the family asked for help with medical bills. All we can hope here at Halo Hangout is that Galaz and his family are okay, and that everything that can be done to prevent these instances from happening in the future are done.