Angels fans will cringe after seeing moment that forced Logan O'Hoppe to leave game

Los Angeles Angels v Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Angels v Arizona Diamondbacks / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Being a fan of the Los Angeles Angels this season has proven to be a painful experience. Coming off an offseason where the Angels lost a generational talent in Shohei Ohtani, very little in the way of progress has been seen on the field. Mike Trout got hurt again, Anthony Rendon remains made of glass, and even the positive strides made end up getting subsumed by setbacks or something else going wrong.

Case in point: what happened with Logan O'Hoppe on Tuesday. O'Hoppe was coming of a great game where he was the walk-off hero and he has been looking like he was in the middle of breaking out at the plate. Unfortunately, O'Hoppe was forced to leave the Angels' loss to Arizona early in the sixth inning after taking a foul ball to the groin that made basically every fan that watched it wince.

Angels News: Logan O'Hoppe force to leave game early after very painful foul ball

First, these sorts of injuries are often comic fodder on social media, but can often be very serious. Yadier Molina took a foul tip to his groin on a pitch delivered by flamethrower Jordan Hicks and ended up needing emergency surgery back in 2018. Schadenfreude is a real thing, but don't underestimate just how big of an issue this could have been.

Fortunately, it does appear as though O'Hoppe avoided major injury this time. After the game, O'Hoppe spoke with reporters and said that while he was still sore (who wouldn't be?), the Angels training staff cleared him from the more serious potential outcomes.

While avoiding major injury is the biggest takeaway here, that doesn't mean that O'Hoppe won't need a little bit of time to heal up. There are no indications that he will require an IL stint just yet, but it is probably fair to expect that backup catcher Matt Thaiss is going to be getting more playing time than usual in the coming days.

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