Angels News: Anthony Rendon update, LAA capitalizes on Astros blunder

The Angels got a gift from the Astros on Monday and fans also got an update on how Anthony Rendon's latest rehab is going.
Los Angeles Angels v Cincinnati Reds
Los Angeles Angels v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

At this point, the Los Angeles Angels are looking for any and all positives in 2024. The roster has a lot of guys who are inconsistent on both sides of the ball and their record reflects that, but there are signs that the team is starting to figure things out.

LA is .500 in their last 10 games with some nice performances against quality teams thrown in there. However, reinforcements from the injured list are probably going to be needed for them to get to the next level.

While Mike Trout's return timeline has been pretty set since he had surgery to repair a torn meniscus, Anthony Rendon's status (as usual) has been a bit more nebulous as he recovers on his latest stint on the injured list with a hamstring injury.

LA Angels News: Rendon improving slowly, but still has no timetable to return

With the Angels visiting the Astros this week, the Houston-based Rendon joined the team for the series. Predictably, Rendon's presence elicited questions about his recovery and when he and the Angels expect him to return.

In a nice change of pace, Rendon didn't get surly with the media asking about his status and said that he is making some progress with his hamstring, but that it has been slow. Hamstring injuries, especially when they are more severe, can be very temperamental, so a cautious approach is hardly surprising. That said, Angels fans shouldn't expect to see Rendon back in the majors or even out on rehab assignment for a while.

LA Angels News: Angels jump on Valdez in fifth after he goes rogue to steal a win

In Monday's matchup against Houston, the Angels found themselves down 6-1 by the end of the fourth inning and staring down Framber Valdez, who was looking strong. However, Valdez decided that his plan for attacking the Angels' lineup was better than the one created by the team and being called by his catcher. Predictably, that did not end well for Houston.

That seven-run inning proved to be decisive as the Angels would end up winning the game 9-7. Nolan Schanuel, Logan O'Hoppe, and Jo Adell all homered during the fifth-inning outburst with Zach Neto adding a solo shot in the sixth to give LA some breathing room the rest of the way.

If anything, this Angels team has showed semblance of resilience this year, which is something fans can get behind if they aren't going to be a playoff contender.

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