Angels outfielder listed as top 50 trade candidate per MLB Trade Rumors

Jo Adell being listed as a trade candidate makes sense regardless of the Angels direction
Los Angeles Angels v Los Angeles Dodgers
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The early-July edition of MLB Trade Rumors' top 50 trade candidates is focused on players they believe could actually be moved. Players like Lucas Giolito and Jaimer Candelario headline the list as players who have had good years on bad teams with expiring contracts. With the Los Angeles Angels constantly saying Shohei Ohtani isn't going anywhere, he isn't on the list even if he maybe should be with the team continuing to collapse.

Ohtani and other win-now pieces aren't on the top 50 list mainly because the Angels have been trying to win all season. They've proven it with the Eduardo Escobar and Mike Moustakas trades. While the direction could shift if they continue to fall further away from postseason contention, it makes sense to not have many Angels on the list.

The lone Angel to appear is Jo Adell who's 38th on the list. He makes sense as a moveable player regardless of the direction.

Jo Adell makes sense as a trade candidate regardless of the direction of the LA Angels

When people make the argument against trading Shohei Ohtani, players like Jo Adell are a big reason why. Trading a proven superstar like Ohtani for prospects you haven't seen play Major League Baseball yet is undoubtedly a risk.

Jo Adell was deemed as one of those can't-miss prospects when he was drafted in the first round back in 2017. It's easy to see why. His combination of speed and power made him super intriguing, and remdined lots of Angels fans about a different superstar outfielder who has tremendous speed and power, Mike Trout.

Unfortunately for Adell, he never quite put things together at the MLB level. He showed the power, but never put the ball in play enough to show it to its fullest extent. He showed his speed, but he never stole bases. He was a poor defender. He had no plate discipline. The tools were there, but he was never productive enough at the MLB level.

After dominating in the minors this season, Adell finally has his chance to play everyday following Mike Trout's injury and he's done pretty well at the plate. He has a home run, triple, and double in 12 at-bats and even robbed a home run at Dodger Stadium.

Adell being listed as a trade candidate makes sense regardless of the direction the Angels go in. If they're buying, he won't. be in the lineup every day Guys like Mickey Moniak, Taylor Ward, and Hunter Renfroe will be playing most of the time, and once Trout comes back, Adell is completely out of the picture.

If the Angels are selling, there's a good chance Moniak and Ward are still here, and once Trout comes back there's your outfield. Sure, Ward could be traded, but with his team control I wouldn't count on that.

The Angels don't believe in Adell to the extent that they believe in guys like Moniak and Ward. If they did, he would've been up far sooner. Trading Adell for some pitching help can't be ruled out.

I'd strongly consider trading Adell if the Angels were buyers, but would hold on if they sold. Whether Perry Minasian agrees with that remains to be seen.