Angels owner pinching pennies with coaching staff is latest embarrassing blunder

Just sell the team, Arte!
Nov 15, 2023; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels manager Ron Washington poses at introductory
Nov 15, 2023; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels manager Ron Washington poses at introductory / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels have revamped most of their coaching staff. Phil Nevin is gone, Ron Washington has replaced him. Most of the coaches in the dugout are new as well. Barry Enright replaces Matt Wise as the team's pitching coach. Johnny Washington replaced Marcus Thames as the hitting coach. The one familiar face that will be in the dugout is Ray Montgomery who remains the team's bench coach.

Montgomery took on the role of Angels bench coach ahead of the 2022 season and was there for the entirety of Phil Nevin's managerial stint. He remains in that role with Ron Washington in town because of one man. Arte Moreno.

Arte Moreno continues to embarrass himself by botching Angels bench coach hire

Ron Washington was eyeing Clint Hurdle, a close friend of his with tremendous coaching experience, to be his new bench coach. Hurdle has 17 years of MLB Managing experience. He spent eight seasons with the Rockies and nine years with the Pirates. He managed over 2,600 games and even won a Pennant with Colorado.

The reason the Angels couldn't seal the deal with Hurdle comes down to Arte Moreno and his refusal to spend on anything other than the team payroll. Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that the Angels' offer for Hurdle would've made him at least the 15th-highest-paid bench coach in the sport. That is, obviously, absurd.

A manager with 17 years of experience taking a bench coach job is pretty rare. All it costed was money to give Ron Washington, Moreno's new hire, the coach he wanted, and Moreno just refused to pay up.

When fans criticize Arte Moreno, it isn't only because of what he's done with the MLB roster and his refusal to go into the luxury tax. Moreno refuses to spend on anything other than the payroll. He doesn't spend like a big market team when it comes to player development. He doesn't even send the radio broadcasters on the road! His refusal to pay a quality bench coach is just the latest of Moreno's wrongdoing when it comes to owning this team. It's things like this that make Angels fans beg for him to sell the team.