Angels predicted to play in the World Series, but not quite yet

The Angels are bound to get back to the Fall Classic sometime, right?
Jun 28, 2023; Anaheim, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout (27) celebrates
Jun 28, 2023; Anaheim, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout (27) celebrates / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels have suffered through a decade of ineptitude. They've recorded just two winning seasons since 2014, and have made the playoffs a grand total of one time with zero wins. They've gone through eight straight losing seasons, including all six which featured Shohei Ohtani in an Angels uniform.

Times haven't appeared much bleaker than the present day for the Angels who just lost Ohtani to the Dodgers and have done absolutely nothing in response. They have not picked a direction, and appear to be just fine running back the team that just won 73 games in 2023 just without the league's MVP.

Due to the Angels having their fair share of issues right now, MLB's Twitter account doesn't pick them to make a World Series appearance in 2024, or even anytime soon. Fortunately for Angels fans, light does appear to be somewhat at the end of the tunnel, as the MLB account did pick them to make one World Series appearance. The only problem is, that occurs in 2033.

MLB's Twitter account picks the LA Angels to make a World Series appearance in 2033

Unsurprisingly, the Angels are predicted to be somewhat irrelevant for the beginning part of the next ten years, with the other team in the area, the Dodgers, getting some love. The Dodgers are picked to win the World Series in 2025, but surprisingly, that's it. No other pennants for the new Evil Empire.

Another important observation is, outside of one year in which the Mariners are picked to win the World Series, there isn't much action in the AL West. Oakland is irrelevant and won't even be in Oakland by 2033, but the Astros and Rangers both miss out on pennants according to this prediction. A bit surprising considering Texas just won the World Series this past season and Houston has made seven straight ALCS appearances.

Back to the Angels, what their roster will look like in 2033 is tough to predict. That's three years after Mike Trout's massive contract runs out. There's a good chance his number will be retired by the team by then. Anthony Rendon's contract will be a distant memory. Some players we might see on that team include Logan O'Hoppe, Nolan Schanuel, and Zach Neto. We might even see some current prospects like Caden Dana and Nelson Rada be impactful.

What we can be sure of, is if the Angels win a pennant, it likely happens after Arte Moreno is no longer owning the ball club. The Angels are not predicted to beat the Rockies, but with the way things have gone and with the way things look, fans will take a World Series appearance even if they fall short.

They don't have much to go off of, but it'll be fun to look back on. If the Angels do turn things around by then, we have MLB's twitter account to thank.