Angels: Ranking the 10 worst contracts in the American League West right now

The Angels have three of the ten worst contracts in the American League West right now.
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4) Worst contracts in the AL West: Rafael Montero of the Houston Astros

The Angels have learned that giving big free agent deals to relievers isn't the smartest thing. The contracts they handed out to Aaron Loup and Ryan Tepera were disastrous. Even the contract they gave to Raisel Iglesias was bad enough to the point where they chose to salary dump him. The Astros paid one of their own in Rafael Montero and it has backfired.

Montero was brilliant for Houston in 2022, but has been a disaster since signing his three-year deal worth $34.5 million. The right-hander has a 5.47 ERA in 54 appearances for Houston this season.

Relievers are extremely volatile and it's possible that Montero bounces back and becomes the elite arm Houston expected once again, but over the course of his career he's had more bad years than good ones.

If the 32-year-old isn't pitching well this season, chances are he won't be that much better for the next two seasons. $11.5 million for the next two seasons isn't nearly as much money that a guy like Robbie Ray is set to make, but Ray is at least a starting pitcher with a higher likelihood of being worthwhile. Montero has been a low-leverage guy for much of the year because of how ineffective he's been, and will likely be worth nothing close to his contract in that role.