Angels reunion candidates: 1 possibility, 1 definitely not happening, 1 somewhere in between

This team could really use a Jerad Weaver...

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Often times when players leave the Los Angeles Angels, fans are forced to watch them have more success elsewhere. Players doing well before and after they come to Anaheim has become much too familiar of an occurrence.

When players leave the Angels most of the time, fans want no part in bringing them back. However, there're always some rare exceptions.

Because of how many players the Angels parted with, the list of potential reunion candidates for this offseason is quite long. Since most of them failed to meet expectations, the Angels will likely not consider bringing those guys back. Again, there are still some exceptions of players they'd be happy to bring back in 2024.

Expect the LA Angels to heavily pursue Matt Moore in free agency

The Angels signed Matt Moore close to Spring Training and got everything they could've possibly hoped out of him. He was their most consistent reliever all year until the team waived him when they fell out of contention, and is one of the better arms on the market.

The Angels need a ton of bullpen help. Carlos Estevez figures to play a huge role again in 2024, but who knows how trustworthy he really is after a brutal second half. The Angels also have young arms including Jose Soriano, Ben Joyce, and Sam Bachman who showed clear upside in their stints with the team this season, but were also inconsistent and have injury histories.

In addition to the Angels simply needing arms, they also need a left-handed reliever. Outside of guys like Jose Suarez and Kenny Rosenberg who aren't even really relievers, the Angels lack any left-handed arms. Moore is a lefty who can pitch late in games against both lefties and righties and can even give more than an inning if needed.

The Angels made their share of mistakes in 2023, but signing Matt Moore was certainly not one of them. Bringing him back in 2024 if he's open to it is a no-brainer for Perry Minasian.