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The LA Angels could use a starter like Andrew Heaney, but should aim higher

Andrew Heaney spent parts of seven years with the Angels, but it never quite felt like he lived up to his potential. The strikeouts were always there, but he battled through a bevy of injuries and was nothing more than a fourth or fifth starter. As is the case with many starters, Heaney went to the Dodgers and something clicked for him. He missed time due to injury, but had his best year by far right before he hit free agency again.

Heaney signed a two-year deal to join the Rangers this past offseason, and he again had one of his better years. He was able to stay healthy and produced like a mid-rotation starter for most of the year.

The Rangers even watched Heaney deliver five innings of one-run ball in a World Series start leading Texas to a Game 4 victory over the Diamondbacks. If you asked any Angels fan three years ago whether they could picture Heaney starting and pitching well in a World Series game they'd probably laugh.

Heaney has a player option which he will likely reject and reach free agency again. If he does, the Angels should consider him, but they'd ideally find a way to do better.

Whether Shohei Ohtani leaves or not, this team lacks an ace with Ohtani being unable to pitch in 2024. The rotation was subpar even with Ohtani, it's hard to imagine what it'll be like without him. Heaney is a decent arm to plug in the middle, but the Angels need someone to go at the top. Heaney is not that, but he'd still be a decent add.