Angels roster: 3 newcomers we shouldn't get attached to

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2) LA Angels first baseman C.J. Cron has already been replaced

The Angels acquired C.J. Cron along with Grichuk at the deadline and expected him to be a big bat in the middle of their order. Cron was a year removed from hitting 29 home runs with 102 RBI in an all-star campaign for Colorado and he even hit 28 the year before. Coors Field helps everyone who plays there, but Cron has hit 30 home runs in a season before for Tampa Bay. He has serious power.

Cron arrived to the Angels raging hot. He had hits in nine straight games and hit home runs in four of those nine games with nine RBI in that span. In fact, he had a .925 OPS in the 20 games he had played since returning from a long month and a half on the sidelines with back troubles.

The Angels acquired Cron at the end of July, and he immediately slumped. He slashed .217/.280/.283 with one home run and five RBI in the 14 games he played before being placed on the IL with more back issues. Cron has been out since mid-August and has been replaced at first base by rookie Nolan Schanuel.

It's pretty clear at this point that the Angels plan on handing the reigns over to Schanuel to play first base virtually every day, making Cron positionless. The free agent to be will likely receive interest from other teams that need a first baseman or DH, but the Angels have Schanuel at first and even if Shohei Ohtani leaves, they have plenty of guys like Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon among others who can take DH at-bats.

Cron has spent a large chunk of his second Angels stint on the IL, and if he does ever return this season, will barely see the field before he departs in free agency.