Angels Rumors: LA’s best pitcher could be on the move to struggling NL contender

The Halos could end up getting an offer they can't pass upat the trade deadline for their best starter.
San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Angels
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The 2024 trade deadline is over a month away, but the Los Angeles Angels are already a very popular name when it comes to being a projected seller at the trade deadline. As nice as it would be for them to go on a run and make things at least interesting in the AL wild card race, the writing is clearly on the wall, with their 26-42 record, that this just isn't going to be their year.

There are reasonable arguments on both sides as to just how aggressively the Angels need to sell this year. Guys on expiring contracts make the most sense in almost every scenario, but players like Taylor Ward (who is understandably getting a lot of interest) who have more than a year of control are a bit more up in the air.

One such player that does look like he is going to get moved is pitcher Tyler Anderson. While Anderson has pitched incredibly well this year, the money he is owed, combined with how lucrative trading him could be, makes Anderson a prime candidate, with the Cardinals being a potential suitor.

Could Tyler Anderson get traded to the Cardinals at the deadline?

To be clear, Anderson is going to get a lot of interest from around the league beyond the Cardinals, with the piece from the The Athletic linked above also mentioning the Astros and Red Sox as possible landing spots. However, the Cardinals may have the most clearly defined need for a starter and could be among the most interesting trade partners for the Angels.

For starters, St. Louis actually buying at the trade deadline would be ... quite the choice. At 33-34, the Cardinals don't exactly look the part of a team that should be buying, especially since they have used the "retirement home" method when it comes to constructing their roster. However, the Cardinals have invested a lot in their roster after signing Sonny Gray last offseason and could see Anderson as a guy that could help them next year even if 2024 ends up a lost cause.

When the Angels signed Tyler Anderson to a three-year deal, they probably weren't viewing the deal as a potential boon to his trade value this soon. However, Anderson has both performed well and is under control through next season at $13 million, which is a bargain for an established starter these days.

If the Angels could pry away one of the Cardinals' top prospects (with Tink Hence being at the top of the list) in a deal, it could be a huge help to their farm system while also making owner Arte Moreno happy by trimming payroll.

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