Angels rumors: Three Angels legends among lengthy list of potential managers

Could the Angels really hire one of their former stars to manage?
Angels v Twins
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The Los Angeles Angels are looking for their fourth manager since Mike Scioscia stepped down following the 2018 season. That's four managers in five years. The lack of stability in the dugout presents major issues for an Angels team looking for a quality manager.

There're plenty of dream candidates out there that the Angels likely won't even land an interview with for plenty of reasons. The lack of stablity, knowing who the owner is, and subpar talent on the field are all reasons why the Craig Counsell's of the world will never seriously consider the Angels position.

While the Angels will struggle to land a proven good manager, they can still try to find a good one who might be a bit inexperienced. Bob Nightengale of USA Today has listed six names of potential managers, and three of them are undisputed Angels legends.

Torii Hunter, Tim Salmon, and Darin Erstad are among the lengthy list of potential LA Angels manager candidates

Hunter, Salmon, and Erstad have combined to manage a total of zero MLB games, but are all proven leaders from their playing days. It's definitely not super ideal to hire someone as inexperienced as these three legends are in the coaching world, but who's to say they're incapable of doing the job? I certainly wouldn't.

We've seen a guy like Craig Counsell go from playing straight to managing without much coaching experience and prove to be very good at the job. The same can be said about guys like Dave Roberts and Aaron Boone who consistently get to October.

If the Angels go the route of hiring one of these three former players, bringing in an experienced bench coach could help a lot. It'll help the manager learn on the job and can help leave them in charge mainly of getting the most out of this team.

Other names Nightengale lists are former Angels coach Ron Roenicke, former Mets manager Buck Showalter, and current Angels coach Benji Gil. All three of these individuals are more experienced, but they might not generate as much excitement from this distraught Angels fanbase that is tired of losing. They might believe players who were here during more of the good times can help lead this team back there.

It'll be interesting to see how seriously Perry Minasian and Arte Moreno take the newcomers, or if they're just being leaked to generate some buzz.