Angels should try and acquire J.P. Feyereisen

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It's no secret that the Los Angeles Angels could use some bullpen help. They did sign Carlos Estevez but could use another arm or two. Could they find it in the form of recently DFA'd J.P. Feyereisen?

The Angels should try and acquire J.P. Feyereisen, whether it's via trade or a waiver claim.

Most of the time when players are designated for assignment it's because they're not good enough. In the case of J.P. Feyereisen, that's not accurate.

Feyereisen missed much of the 2022 campaign and recently required surgery to repair his labrum and rotator cuff. Feyereisen isn't expected to be back until late August at the earliest. Obviously, that's not ideal, but Feyereisen can be an arm the Angels use in September, hopefully October, and for years to come. Feyereisen is under team control through the 2026 season.

The 29 year old was certainly not DFA'd due to poor performance. In fact, he was utterly dominant in the first two months of the season, not allowing a single earned run in 22 appearances and 24.1 innings pitched. He has a career 2.83 ERA in 83 appearances across three seasons with the Brewers and Rays.

Feyereisen's big flaw in years past was his lack of command as he walked 5.2 batters per nine in his first two seasons. He was able to really improve on that, walking just five batters in 24.1 innings pitched (1.8 BB/9) this season.

The Rays had to DFA somebody after signing Zach Eflin and Feyereisen was the man they chose to let go. They fully expect to trade him, so the Halos would have to give something up, but it wouldn't be anything notable whatsoever.

This isn't a move for right now, but it's a move for the end of the season and the years to come. Is it possible his arm is shot and he won't be the same after surgery? Absolutely. There's definitely a red flag there in terms of why the Rays let him go. I still think it's worth the low risk.

If Feyereisen doesn't work out, he wouldn't have cost anything of note in a trade and isn't making any notable money. It's a low-risk high reward move. It's one the Angels haven't done in the past and one they should do right now.

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