Angels sign 15 players including a top 50 international prospect

Los Angeles Angels v Tampa Bay Rays
Los Angeles Angels v Tampa Bay Rays / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

It was signing day for international prospects in Major League Baseball and the Los Angeles Angels were very active, reportedly signing 15 prospects. One of those prospects, Joswa Lugo, is ranked #37 on the prospect ranking list, making him an intriguing name to watch out for in the future.

He's only 17 so he still has some growing to do in terms of his physical strength, but we have seen international superstars live up to their hype in the past. Lugo is a middle infielder who primarily plays shortstop, but according to, he could move over to third base.

What to expect from the newest Angels signee

Just based on a video provided by, Lugo has a large frame as he measures out to be 6'3 in height. He is rather skinny which is why he is projected to grow more into his body as he matures and develops in the Angels system.

Should he put on more muscle, I could see him slotting in at third base just based on that large frame as previously mentioned. Angels prospect guru Jared Tims seems to agree as he said "I like Lugo more than anyone else they've signed. He'll get every opportunity to play shortstop, with that being said he's a third baseman."

The ability to just hit is something that needs to be taught over time with adjustments along the way and according to, Lugo can do just that. His scouting report reads "Lugo has been using his large frame to his advantage and projects as a right-handed power hitter. He already shows hap power with consistent hard contact and is expected to tap into his raw power as he continues to mature and his body develops."

Seeing that Lugo develops his power over time is going to be crucial to his success with his large frame of a body. There is no estimation of when he could reach the big leagues, however, we have seen that the game of baseball is international and there is no doubt he has every opportunity to show that.