Anthony Rendon's latest quote proves he doesn't love baseball as much as you do

Can we expect anything less at this point?
May 13, 2023; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon (6) walks to the
May 13, 2023; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon (6) walks to the / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2019 offseason, the Los Angeles Angels made the decision to sign Anthony Rendon to one of the biggest deals in franchise history. It was a seven-year deal worth $245 million. Rendon was coming off a season in which he was an MVP finalist in the National League and arguably the best player on the World Series-winning Nationals.

The Angels got what they paid for in 2020. Sure it was a short season, but Rendon finished in the top 10 in AL MVP balloting and gave fans, at least on television, a taste of what was to come. Or at least that's what was assumed. Things have taken a massive turn in the wrong direction in the three years that have followed, making him one of the more disappointing signings not only in Angels history, but in MLB history.

Rendon's biggest issue has been simply staying on the field. The third baseman has appeared in 148 of the possible 486 games he could've played in. In other words, just over 30% of the games he could've played in. In the games he has appeared in, he's posted a 94 OPS+, being a below-average hitter. He's come with all sorts of drama off the field as well, and his latest interview on the Jack Vita Show is just the latest example.

Anthony Rendon’s take on baseball season is sad and predictable

When asked if he could change one thing about Major League Baseball, this is what Rendon had to say.

"We got to shorten the season, man. There’s too many dang games — 162 games and 185 days or whatever it is. Man, no. We got to shorten this bad boy up."

Anthony Rendon via the Jack Vita Show

Rendon did laugh and say this was a lighthearted answer before giving it, but his words could not be clearer. Anthony Rendon, a player who has been robbing the Angels blind for years, wants to shorten the season when he has not played more than 60 games in a single season in an Angels uniform. Really? Even if he is joking, it's certainly not funny to any Angels fan, and there's no reason to believe he isn't fully serious.

It'd be one thing if a player who plays in games complained about the length of the season. While most fans won't want the season shortened, they can still understand the grind both physically and mentally that goes into playing in a season that long with very few days off. This isn't like the NFL where you play once a week or even the NBA when teams rarely play on consecutive nights. This undoubtedly is a grind. Still, there's no excuse for a player in Rendon's position to be complaining about this.

Rendon signed on to be a key piece on a team trying to win. Rather than say how much he misses the game after years on the sidelines he's really going to complain about there being too many games when he's played in less than one-third of them in the last three seasons? Even if the season was shortened to 120 games he wouldn't be playing in half of them.

There are many reasons why Angels fans are beyond fed up with Anthony Rendon, and this is just the latest quote of his that has Angels fans riled up. Rendon had no issue playing games before he got paid, but appears to have mailed it in after the Angels gave him the monster contract.

The Angels are stuck with him for another three years if they don't release him earlier. He's already proven he can't be relied on to play, and now it's fair to question if he even wants to. Just a really depressing and ironic quote to see from the Angels' highest-paid player who continues to be one of the biggest disappointments in baseball history.