Arte Moreno cannot be content with losing Shohei Ohtani for nothing

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Los Angeles Angels Arte Moreno opting to hold onto the franchise is not seen as a good thing by a majority of Angels fans, and for good reason. The franchise has been pretty underwhelming for a decade now, and if it wasn't for Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, there wouldn't really be anything to talk about when it comes to the Angels.

With Moreno pulling the Angels off the market, it's very possible that one of those two players, Shohei Ohtani, could be out the door at the end of the season if not earlier.

Angels owner Arte Moreno cannot be content with losing Shohei Ohtani for nothing

On the most recent episode of "The Show" podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman, Sherman asks Heyman, an insider who has spoken to Moreno this offseason, at what point do the Angels consider trading Ohtani if they feel they're going to lose him this offseason for nothing anyway. Heyman's response should be concerning to all Angels fans.

"From talking to Arte Moreno I don't think he wants to be the guy that trades Shohei Ohtani. I think he'd rather be the guy that loses Ohtani (in free agency). If they're anywhere near .500 I do not anticipate him being traded."

Jon Heyman

This rationale, to me, makes absolutely no sense. You'd rather lose the best and most valuable player in the game for nothing rather than trade him for a haul? I get that his value would be diminished since whatever team acquires him would only have him for half of a season, but seriously?

The one thing the Angels cannot afford to happen is losing Shohei Ohtani for nothing, especially if the team isn't going to make noise in the playoffs. If they're 10+ games over .500 by the trade deadline and opt to hold onto him, I have no issue with that. If they make noise in the postseason but fall short of the ultimate goal, it'd be unfortunate but I'd be fine. If they miss the playoffs, don't trade Ohtani, and lose him for nothing, that's horrible.

Even if his value isn't as high as it would've been last year, Ohtani can get them a haul in a trade. A farm system that is among the worst in baseball can get a serious lift.

The Angels just losing this asset and not replacing him with anything would be an utter disaster, and unfortunately, Arte doesn't seem to realize that.

Being the guy who lets the best player in the game walk for nothing is a worse look than trading that player away for a bunch of assets. Why Moreno thinks otherwise is beyond me. Hopefully, he can come to his senses if the Angels are out of contention or even barely hanging on. The only justification for keeping him without an extension is if the team is performing at a playoff level.

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