Arte Moreno just pulled a Marty McFly in LA Angels’ hype video

The Angels forgot one critical thing when they tried to edit their problems away: the internet never forgets.
Los Angeles Angels Introduce - Anthony Rendon
Los Angeles Angels Introduce - Anthony Rendon / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

It's safe to say that the Los Angeles Angels and owner Arte Moreno have a fraught relationship with the team's media members and fans. Most of this is due to being mediocre at best for most of the last 14 years despite huge promises. Whenever a team has both Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani on their roster and only manages to make the playoffs once since 2010, the coverage probably isn't going to be flattering and the subjects probably aren't going to like it.

However, with the Angels and Moreno, it goes deeper than that to the point that the Angels actively try to spin and curate how they are portrayed in some pretty gross ways.

When the story broke that the Angels were one of just two teams in the league that don't travel their radio broadcasters to road games, one would think that the organization would just release a boilerplate statement about exploring it in the future as there ares till financial challenges in the wake of the pandemic.

Instead, Moreno said that having the radio broadcast isn't any different with the broadcasters not there for fans, and then team president John Carpino banned the reporter responsible for the story from a team-controlled radio show for being too negative. The move was met with widespread condemnation, including from the other show hosts who decided not to appear anymore, either.

The Angels' attempts to shape reality themselves continued recently with their pregame hype video, of all things. For a long time, Moreno has appeared briefly in the video montage for a long time and normally such videos are put together just to get fans jacked up.

However, when the video was played during the Angels' home opener, Angels fans booed Moreno relentlessly. The team's response? Well, they just edited Moreno out of the montage without a word and pretended nothing ever happened.

Arte Moreno's villain turn with Angels fans has been a sight to behold

You have to admit, this is pretty funny. No acknowledgement of the tough times and tough offseason that could explain why fans feel this way. No olive branch to the Angels fan that are very clearly furious with an owner that has felt like a boa constrictor around the franchise's neck. Instead, just delete Moreno from the montage so that he won't get embarrassed publicly and then go about business as usual.

Surely fans will forget that Moreno has torpedoed the franchise multiple times eventually, right?

This is what the Angels have been reduced to. Instead of substantive changes to how the organization is operated, or investing in things like player development or, you know, pitching at all, Moreno and the Angels care more about reporters toeing the company line and their own vanity.

Frankly, it's beyond embarrassing that this is who the Angels are. It is literally more likely that Moreno will cancel the Angels' facility renovations, including their new pitching lab, out of spite or because fans aren't supporting the team when even the owner won't, than it is that the Angels will start being run like a serious team with real ambitions.

Maybe Moreno will change his mind and sell the team so we can all try to move past all of this and pretend it never happened ... just like the organization would do.

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