Best Bars/Restaurants Near Angel Stadium

Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels
Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There's a lot of hype flowing into Angel Stadium this year, and fans need to know the best bars/restaurants to head to.

LA Angels fans are going to be packing the stadium all year the way the Halos are playing right now, and the business near the stadium is going to be booming. Fans need to know which bars and restaurants to go to for their pregame and postgame festivities, though. Here are the best spots to head to before or after your day at the ballpark.

Coors Light Bar (2000 E Gene Autry Way//Inside the stadium)

Coors Light Bar is a great spot to get a drink when you're at the game, as the spot is inside Angel Stadium. Whether you want to stop for a drink over in the area or take one back to your seat, Coors Light Bar may be your No. 1 option to make that Angels experience even better with a refreshment.

Draft Pick (2000 E Gene Autry Way//Inside the stadium)

Draft Pick is another spot to get a great ballpark drink inside Angel Stadium. It's another spot where you can also grab a drink and take it to your seat. After all, a lot of us would rather not miss a second of our experience watching Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani play ball. We're admittedly a little spoiled on that front.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company (2390 E Orangewood Ave//1.8 miles from Angel Stadium)

Karl Strauss Brewing Company isn't quite inside the stadium, but it's within just a couple of miles away. It's a great option if just looking for a simple chain with great American bar food with their own craft ales. You will likely NOT be the only Angels fans flocking there before the game.

Golden Road Brewing Anaheim (2210 E Orangewood Ave//2 miles from Angel Stadium)

Golden Road Brewing Anaheim is at about the same distance from the stadium as Karl Strauss Brewing Company is, and also has awesome bar food. In addition they have a wide selection of drinks to go along with an awesome high-ceiling setup that enhances the vibe at the restaurant. They have beautiful outdoor seating options as well. It's another spot nobody can go wrong at.

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The Angels look a lot better this season. A lot of us are going to be heading to the stadium, and heading there often. Each one of these is worth giving a shot, and with some of these being in-stadium options, you can probably head to up to three of these in one game day. Make sure you drink responsibly, though. Angels games are, and need to stay a safe experience for the fans.