CBS Sports predicts the Angels pull off surprising free agent deal with this slugger

Jorge Soler makes a lot of sense for an Angels team in need of a middle-of-the-order bat.
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Shohei Ohtani's departure leaves the Los Angeles Angels with many holes, none of which the team has filled yet. Perhaps the biggest one he leaves is the need for a middle-of-the-order bat. Ohtani was plugged into the second or third spot in the order just about every day, and last season was the best hitter in the majors.

Simply replacing Ohtani is impossible. The Angels will not be able to replace the production and the presence Ohtani had in the lineup or on the mound. They can, however, still sign a good player. The Angels doing virtually nothing so far will make Angels fans reluctant to have hope at this point, but R.J. Anderson of CBS Sports seems to think they'll make moves at some point, as he has them pegged as a landing spot for one of the best hitters available, Jorge Soler.

Jorge Soler makes a lot of sense for the Angels as they search for a power bat

Anderson actually had the Angels as a landing spot for two free agents, but one of them, Marcus Stroman, just signed a deal with the Yankees. While that was another big loss for the Angels, Soler can still somewhat salvage what's been a horrific offseason so far.

Soler makes sense for the Angels for the simple reason that they need his bat. He's been inconsistent throughout his career and has had a durability issue, but when healthy, there's no denying his bat plays. This past season he hit 36 home runs while playing half the time at LoanDepot Park, one of the more pitcher-friendly parks in the majors. Soler is a player who has hit as many as 48 home runs in a single season. He's arguably the best power bat left.

Soler isn't a great defender, but he can DH primarily for the Angels. He can play the corner outfield spots when needed but would be in the DH spot most of the time in a perfect world. He won't break the bank with the contract he signs, and shouldn't require much term either.

The Angels appear reluctant to spend much money, so this is one player they can sign for relatively cheap. While they haven't been linked publicly to Soler much, the fit is certainly there.