Could Blake Snell’s IG post mean that he is signing with the Angels soon?

Blake Snell's decision for 2024 and beyond could be coming very, very soon.
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For the Los Angeles Angels, this offseason has been more about disappointment than anything else. Losing Shohei Ohtani to the cross-town Dodgers was bad, but at least it was largely expected based on available information. What has followed has been the Angels being somewhat connected to a player, that player signing somewhere else, and the cycle repeating itself.

Recently, the biggest name that the Angels have been connected to, Blake Snell, has popped up yet again. Snell is the reigning NL Cy Young winner, but he has not been able to land a deal to his liking with a team that he wants to play for. Over the last week or two, the Angels have been mentioned as a landing spot and some reports have suggested that Snell's preference is to play for the Angels among his current options.

Flash forward to Sunday when Snell decided to get everyone riled up by posting an eye emoji and nothing else on his Instagram, which seems to indicate that his decision on where he will be playing could come very, very soon.

The odds that Blake Snell signs with the LA Angels haven't ever been better

There are still a lot of headwinds to the Angels getting any sort of Snell deal done. Owner Arte Moreno both is looking to decrease LA's payroll in 2024 and has a well-earned reputation of not wanting to hand out real money to pitchers. When you combine that with the fact that the Angels are far from a lock to contend this year and Snell likely commands a high AAV even on a short-term deal, this is far from a slam dunk despite the roster fit.

Other teams are likely to be interested in Snell's services as well. The Yankees were previously interested in Snell enough to have a multi-year offer on the table, and it was just revealed that their rotation could be in trouble with Gerrit Cole needing an MRI on his elbow. The Giants have had their own injury issues in their rotation and certainly have the money to pay Snell. The Phillies have been weirdly quiet this offseason and could swoop in at the last minute if the price is right.

Nevertheless, the odds of the Angels landing Snell have never been better. His contract demands have come down and LA no longer has to commit to a long-term deal. The team could obviously use a high-end rotation arm, and adding Snell could make LA a sneaky good team if some of their young guys show out in 2024. We'll know soon enough if that is what happens, because Snell clearly knows something that the rest of us don't.

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