Dream Angels starting lineup for the 2024 season

Certain dreams can come true!
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
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Batting fourth for the dream Angels is right fielder Cody Bellinger

We have arrived at the big surprise. A Bellinger signing would be unlikely for sure, but there are a couple of reasons to believe it could happen.

The main one that I can see being a real reason is the Angels promising Ohtani they'll continue to add. Arte Moreno hates going into the luxury tax but if it's a way to convince Shohei Ohtani to stay, he'd absolutely be willing to do it. He'd lose much more money without Shohei than he would bringing back Shohei and dipping into the tax.

Bellinger's history of being remarkably inconsistent should be a little worrisome for the Angels, but there isn't a better player available in the position player market other than Ohtani, and the Angels don't have the assets to trade for a Juan Soto. They'd have to hope Bellinger has more great years in him.

The 28-year-old won the MVP award in 2019 but then proceeded to struggle mightily from 2020-2022 with the Dodgers. After Los Angeles non-tendered him, the Cubs signed him to a one-year deal and Bellinger was suddenly back in star form. He had an .881 OPS and hit 26 home runs helping Chicago remain in the postseason race until the end. Even in his down years he had power and has always been an elite defender, but the Angels would seriously be hoping he's in MVP form.