Dream Angels starting lineup for the 2024 season

Certain dreams can come true!
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
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Batting sixth for the dream Angels is left fielder Mickey Moniak

Mickey Moniak began the year in the minors and worked his way up to being one of the biggest surprises the Angels had this season. He worked his way into being a regular outfielder for this team, and there's no reason he shouldn't be in there every day against right-handed pitching.

Moniak strafed righties this past season, posting a gaudy .866 OPS against them with 13 of his 14 home runs. The problem with him is his OPS dipped by over 300 points against southpaws. The ideal role for him is in a platoon role in any of the three outfield positions. Due to Trout wanting to play center, Moniak will be in a corner in 2024 even if he's the better defender.

There're reasons to be excited about Moniak, but also reasons to be concerned. He showed a ton of pop, hit the ball hard, and has great speed. The young outfielder also struck out a ton, rarely walked, and slowed down a ton down the stretch.

In this scenario, I have the Angels trading Taylor Ward for pitching as they sign Bellinger. Moniak being younger with more years of control factored into the decision of wanting to keep him over Ward.