Dream Angels starting lineup for the 2024 season

Certain dreams can come true!
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Batting seventh for the dream Angels is catcher Logan O'Hoppe

Logan O'Hoppe's injury obviously ruined a large portion of his season, but when he was on the field he showed a lot for Angels fans to be happy with.

In addition to looking solid defensively and having very clear leadership abilities, O'Hoppe performed extremely well at the plate especially for a rookie catcher. He wound up slashing .236/.296/.500 with 14 home runs and 29 RBI in 51 games and 199 plate appearances. Obviously the Angels would love for him to get on base more and strike out a little less, but he showed a ton of pop in his first season.

O'Hoppe started the year by being one of the Angels most productive hitters for the first three weeks in April. He did this despite spending most of the time batting ninth. He then wound up finishing the year with one of the biggest power months for any Angels rookie, hitting nine home runs in September.

He's far from perfect as a hitter at this point, but having a player with as much potential as O'Hoppe hitting seventh would be a great thing. It would mean the Angels lineup is extremely deep. We just have to hope he, like many others in this lineup, have better luck in 2024 with injuries.