Every free agent in the top 50 MLB Trade Rumors predicts the Angels will sign

There are moves to be made even if the Angels miss out on Shohei Ohtani.
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4) MLB Trade Rumors links first baseman Rhys Hoskins to the Angels on a two-year contract worth $36 million

The Phillies were dealt a big blow when Rhys Hoskins tore his ACL in Spring Training, but Hoskins missing his entire contract year stung even more. He now will be looking to take a short-term deal to try and rebuild his value. The Angels can once again be a team to help out there.

The 30-year-old is primarily a first baseman, but with the Angels set at that position, he'd be another guy they bring in to DH if Ohtani leaves. Hoskins would probably prefer to play first base than DH, but he's going to have to take whatever offer he thinks is best for his value. He was never a great defender anyway at first base.

If the Angels were to land him, he'd fit in pretty nicely. He has a ton of power and gets on base a lot by drawing a lot of walks. He strikes out a lot but Hoskins would add another much-needed threat to a depleted Angels order.

This free agency class is incredibly weak when it comes to hitters, so Hoskins is going to be a hot commodity even with the injury. Anthony Franco links him to the Angels, and if Ohtani does leave I'd be happy with the addition.