Every free agent in the top 50 MLB Trade Rumors predicts the Angels will sign

There are moves to be made even if the Angels miss out on Shohei Ohtani.
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6) MLB Trade Rumors links pitcher Aroldis Chapman to the Angels on a two-year contract worth $24 million

Aroldis Chapman was not an intriguing name at all last offseason as his velocity was down, his production fell off, and his Yankees tenure ended with him suspended from the team after missing a workout before a postseason series. With his value at an all-time low, the Royals signed him to be their eighth-inning man and he wound up pitching wonderfully for them.

With Chapman's velocity back up and his production as good as it had been in a little while, the Rangers swooped in and acquired him one month before the trade deadline with hopes that he'd help turn around a subpar bullpen. Chapman had his ups and downs with Texas, but just played a big role in their World Series run.

Chapman wound up posting a 3.09 ERA in 61 appearances and 58.1 innings of work. He fanned 103 batters and did a much better job limiting the home run ball, allowing just four long balls all season. Chapman has always been eratic and has had his bumps in the postseason, but he'd obviously be an upgrade for this bullpen. It also doesn't hurt that he's left-handed with the Angels lacking any left-handed reliever.

The contract value is pretty steep, especially on a multi-year deal, but if the Angels fail to add other left-handers like Josh Hader and Matt Moore, Chapman would make sense as Darragh McDonald predicts.