Former Angels all-star exposes Angels in hilarious Twitter rant

Former Angel C.J. Wilson had a lot to say on Twitter when it came to his former team
Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim / Matt Brown/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels had one of their worst nights in recent memory on Wednesday night. First, they got swept in a doubleheader against the Reds at home to fall to 61-67 on the season, 10.5 games back of the final Wild Card spot.

As if the possible dagger to their season wasn't enough, the Halos then lost both Shohei Ohtani the pitcher and Mike Trout at the same time following the second game. Perry Minasian released the news that Ohtani had torn his UCL and could require his second Tommy John Surgery. Trout continues to deal with soreness coming back from his fractured hamate and landed on the IL after playing just one game.

In the middle of that second game of the doubleheader, some tweets from former Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson surfaced regarding some rough experiences during his days with the team. Just rubbing salt on the wounds.

Former LA Angels all-star pitcher exposes his former team in Twitter rant

The Angels signed C.J. Wilson to a five-year deal worth $77.5 million to leave the rival Rangers and join the forefront of the Angels rotation. This came in the same offseason that the Halos brought in Albert Pujols.

Wilson's Angels tenure was an underwhelming one. The contract wasn't quite as bad to the ones handed out to Pujols, Josh Hamilton, and Anthony Rendon, but outside of one all-star appearance in 2012, Wilson wasn't really the pitcher he was in Texas. The Halos signed him after he finished sixth in the AL Cy Young balloting, and he never received a single Cy Young vote during his Angels tenure.

The Tweets all started with Wilson exposing the fact that the Angels refused to spend money on a special treadmill for Albert Pujols because it was too expensive. The Angels spent $240 million to bring Pujols in for a decade, but deemed that a treadmill would be where they stopped spending.

Continuing on with Arte Moreno's cheapness, really? No breakfast at Spring Training for two weeks in 2012? No weight room? How do you expect your players to be in the best condition possible to perform for six months and win the World Series if you don't give them resources?

Often players had to settle for Chick-fil-A for breakfast instead of a meal that might be more nutritious.

In the current day, hitters watch video a lot to help them against certain pitchers they haven't seen before. Teams all around MLB do it, but the Angels didn't care about telling their players to watch video per Wilson because "Vladdy never watched video and he raked."

Wilson giving some insight as to what's gone on behind the scenes is just the latest thing for Angels fans to be upset about. Wilson sharing is good, what's going on is not. And it can't help much going forward when trying to bring in good players.