Former Angels manager passed on for two coaching vacancies

It's likely Phil Nevin will be watching the 2024 season from home after failing to land either of these two openings.
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels opted to not bring Phil Nevin back for the 2024 season after a disappointing 73-89 season. Nevin wasn't entirely to blame for the Angels collapsing down the stretch, but he certainly didn't appear to help elevate this team at all.

The Angels made the exciting decision to hire Ron Washington and completely revamp the coaching staff ahead of the upcoming season. While it's certainly possible the team disappoints once again, Washington gives fans some hope that there will be signs of improvement.

Most of the Angels coaching staff on Nevin's staff have found jobs elsewhere (mainly with the White Sox) but Nevin is still searching. He was in consideration for two jobs but was passed on for other people.

Phil Nevin fails to land Padres manager or Mets bench coach gig

Seeing Phil Nevin's name in the Padres managerial search was certainly a bit surprising after the awful year the Angels had. It makes some sort of sense with Nevin having his best years as a player in San Diego, but the track record as a manager is obviously not great. Former Cardinals manager Mike Schildt was one of the favorites all along for the job, and he wound up getting it.

The more surprising gig that Nevin did not get was the Mets bench coach job. With the Mets firing Buck Showalter as the team's manager, they too cleaned out most of their coaching staff. One vacancy they needed filled was the team's bench coach. Once Carlos Mendoza was hired to be the team's manager, it felt like Nevin being the team's bench coach was a done deal.

Mendoza and Nevin worked together with the Yankees as coaches and have a good relationship. Nevin being a former manager felt like an ideal candidate to help guide Mendoza through the ins and outs of the job. Nevin also having a history in New York with Mendoza felt gave him the inside track. The Mets opted to go in another direction, hiring former Blue Jays manager John Gibbons to take that job.

Right now it feels unlikely Nevin lands any position for 2024. There's a good chance he simply takes the year off and tries to land a job in a dugout somewhere in 2025. Even if it didn't work out as manager Nevin is more than qualified to be a coach in some capacity.