Grading reader-submitted trade proposals for the Angels

Jun 6, 2022; Anaheim, California, USA; Fans arrive before the MLB game between the Boston Red Sox
Jun 6, 2022; Anaheim, California, USA; Fans arrive before the MLB game between the Boston Red Sox / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Grading fan-submitted trade proposals for Tyler Glasnow

Trade #1

Submitted by @MookieButts

The Rays are the Rays, so we really don't know what they'll ever do, but I can say pretty confidently that they won't do this. Tyler Glasnow when healthy is an ace and the Angels would be giving up two question marks here.

It's very possible the Rays do trade Glasnow, but I wouldn't count on it. They just extended him, so he won't be a free agent until after the 2024 season. It's likely he ends up on another team before then, but I'd bet on the Rays trying to compete with him right now.

If they do trade him, this just isn't enough. Jared Walsh was having a disastrous 2022 before having his season-ending surgery. Of course the injury is a big reason why he struggled but who's to say he'll be the hitter he was before the injury? His value is a lot lower right now than it was a couple years ago.

Rengifo again had a solid season but doesn't carry much value because he doesn't get on base. If Glasnow wasn't extended and was a free agent at the end of 2023 maybe the Rays consider but with the extra year added to his deal I don't think there's any way this happens.

Grade: C-

Trade #2

Submitted by @LeadoffHalos

To me, this trade makes a lot more sense than the first Glasnow proposal. Jose Suarez in my opinion has more value than Rengifo. Suarez is under control through the 2026 season and ended 2022 with a very good second half.

I think Tampa Bay can do a lot better than this proposal, but if the Angels added another player or prospect maybe it'd make sense?

They'd be getting Walsh and a pitcher with two extra years of team control. They'd be shedding payroll and banking on Suarez's second half transfering over to 2023 and beyond.

I think Tampa turns it down, but Suarez is a better piece than Rengifo.

Grade: B-