Huge Mike Trout injury update is fantastic news for LA Angels fans

Mike Trout, LA Angels
Mike Trout, LA Angels / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, it was revealed that LA Angels' CF Mike Trout feels better as he recovers from his (hopefully) minor injury and that he expects to play if he feels better and feels right on Friday.

As for whether he believes he WILL indeed feel well enough to play Friday, he seems pretty confident:

Trout had to leave Tuesday's game against the Boston Red Sox due to left groin tightness. While the injury didn't appear to be too serious, it unfortunately felt eerily similar to what happened last year with his "calf strain."

He was sure to be back relatively soon, but his return date just kept getting pushed further back until it was learned that it was indeed not a calf strain but a whole calf tear.

Mike Trout's injury appears to be mild.

Mike Trout's injury must be rather mild if it's a strong possibility that he's back on the field for the LA Angels just three days later. If he could be back after just missing two games, he's clearly close to a full recovery already. That's a quick healing process, and there are already so many dissimilarities between last year's injury and this year's.

The Angels could certainly use Trout back, as he's hitting .284/.388/.601 (.989 OPS) with 14 home runs and 39 runs already. His 182 OPS+ has been remarkable. He's been so special these past 11 years that many are even getting bored of and used to his greatness.

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Halo fans can't wait until he comes back and reminds everyone of just how dominant he truly is. The Halos were able to win Thursday night's game without him, but they lost 1-0 on Wednesday without him. If Trout were in the lineup, it likely would have gone differently. The Angels' franchise player may be back on Friday, and he'll at least be back very soon.